2015 Accomplishments

We have had a successful year, lets take a moment to look back at some of our accomplishments in 2015.

Here are some of our most productive activities this year in order of occurrence:

Eagle Fest Wagon Rides – Another Round of DABA Sponsored Wagon Rides brought visitors a journey through Downtown on a vintage horse pulled wagon.

Downtown Arlington Business Brochures – DABA completed Phase One of Development and Distribution of 2,500 copies of the 2015 brochure to places around Arlington Smokey Point and to Downtown Businesses. Then came Phase Two – Development and distribution of 25,000 more copies of a new 2016 brochure to be distributed throughout Washington State around January 1st. 2016. That’s the Goal. The Downtown Arlington Brochure, is A DABA benefit for those DABA members businesses located specifically within the footprint of Historic Downtown Arlington.

Stilly Valley Little League Banners and Sponsorship – DABA’s single longest running business and events advertisement that draped 9 banners in and around the ball fields from spring through Fall.

DABA Logo Fireman Helmets – DABA split the costs with the Arlington Fire Dept. and purchased a load of children’s fire helmets with DABA logos on them, which both the fire dept. and DABA gave away during our events. This was a great opportunity for DABA and AFD to work with each other on a common cause, which AFD ordinarily purchases these helmets in full on their own when needed. Great working with City to help AFD save money, that now AFD can use those saved funds to purchase other necessary equipment. Win-Win for both groups.

Downtown “Show-n-Shine” Record Breaking Car Show – This year DABA registered a staggering 325 Hot Rods and Classic Cars and many new vendors. DABA estimates nearly 5,000 visitors attend the event this summer. Special Thanks goes to Dwayne Lanes and all the local Show-n-Shine Sponsors, for your contributions that made this year’s Car Show one for the record books!

Downtown Arlington Street Fair – Drew in over 100 unique vendors and thousands of visitors during the 3 day event. Many Businesses reported an increase of patronage and sales compared to previous years. For her success, dedication and professionalism organizing the Street Fair, 3rd year Street Fair Chairwoman and Country Rose Owner Kathleen Shalan was the recipient of DABA’s 2015 Presidents Award for her “Excellence in Business Leadership.” Congratulations again Kathleen!

Arlington Crime Prevention League Financial Contribution – DABA makes a financial Contribution to this cause to purchase supplies needed to spread the “We’re All In” message. Such as DABA engages with the Fire Dept. to purchase Children’s Fireman Helmets. It’s DABA’s way of joining in the campaign and working together with the City and APD in the effort to combat crime in Downtown Arlington.

Island Crossing Billboard Sign – This project was Co-funded with the Arlington Arts Council for two months from Mid-July through Mid-September.

DABA Hired an Administrator – DABA’s Past President and Treasurer Mary Andersen, Owner of Andersen Accounting Solutions and AAS Assistant Wendy Petersen have taken on the roll as DABA Administrators. Devising the hired DABA Administrator position, DABA now has a secure domain for important documents, files and archives, including correspondence and sensitive materials such as internal records and data bases. Having a paid administrator enables our Volunteer Board and future Boards to focus more of their available time on external objectives, such as membership, committees and events.

America’s Best Community Competition – Earlier this year, Arlington joined together with Darrington and qualified as a quarterfinalist and entered the top 50 out of 200 towns that applied across America in this National Campaign to revitalize their towns into healthy, thriving and economically strong communities. DABA has over 90 businesses that are named as Stakeholders in this Competition. If you were a DABA member in August 2015, your business is a stakeholder. This is an ongoing elimination or progressive competition, so we will keep you posted and reveal any results as they are made public.

DABA First Strategic Planning Session – In late August, DABA’s Board of Directors and its Administrators came together for a day retreat with Snohomish County Officials, City Officials, Community Members and DABA Members to build DABA’s three year outlook, or Strategic Plan, to map out DABA’s future route. The meeting was facilitated by Snohomish County Office of Tourism Official Annique Bennett, who did a wonderful job helping DABA document the process and strategize new ideas created from both fresh concepts and past experiences. Strategic Plans help create future goals by categorically developing aiming points to indemnify growth and stability.

Viking Fest & Pub Tour – In August, DABA funded an entirely new event called Viking Fest and Pub Tour. This event tails the summers ending into the early fall period, where DABA had a vacant gap of time on the calendar where no DABA events brought people into Downtown. The Viking’s Fest theme comes from a little known fact that Arlington has a Scandinavian heritage that actually goes back to the earliest and largest Scandinavian settlements on the west coast.  The festival brought in an estimated thousand visitors to explore our towns restaurants, merchants and pubs.

Pump Track Commercial – In support of ABC and developing a healthy youth initiative, the Arlington Bicycling Steering Committee developed a Commercial during Hometown Halloween Saturday to show an example of a pump track and what effects the exhibit has on our local community if a pump track were to be built somewhere near Downtown Arlington. The participation level and support was apparent and the temporary track drew in hundreds of spectators and nearly one hundred participates who helped make the commercial a total success. DABA made a financial contribution which insured the three day event exhibition.

Hometown Holidays Shop Small Saturday Advertisement – This was the Second year for the DABA exclusive advertising campaign. Last year it was decided that DABA would target the day after Black Friday to run our special ads. Leveraging with two papers this year, DABA was able to work these advertisements out to be the most cost savings ads on the Pacific West Coast compared to other Holiday Editions. This ad opportunity was reserved exclusively as a benefit to DABA members, particularly those businesses who jump on board and sponsored this endeavor.

DABA Purchased a New PA Sound System – In support of Hometown Holidays music in the parks, and future events where DABA has relied on renting a PA sound system to accommodate DABA festivities where sound is needed during those upcoming and reoccurring events. The DABA Sound System can be rented out to local groups and non-profits and local businesses for a small fee. This purchase also supports DABA effort discussed during the strategic Plan to develop some form of Community Tool Chest that offers these types of materials to our Downtown community.

Hometown Holiday’s – Once again DABA joined together with the City to put on this event with the assistance of DABA Chairperson and Arlington Youth Dynamics Coordinator Jessica Ronhaar. DABA organized entertainment and Wagon Rides. DABA also purchased a new Banner that hangs across North Olympic Avenue, after the previous banner was destroyed in a storm.