Masks for Arlington

Mask Cover Information

Thank you for volunteering to make mask covers for our community!  These covers are meant to be worn over certified protective gear and help extend the life of masks that are in short supply.  For the most current information, please follow our Facebook page.

TO VOLUNTEER:   Volunteers of all skill levels are welcome.  Most mask patterns are simple or easy to learn.

COMPLETED MASKS:   Please drop them off at Arlington Community Food Bank,Food Bank (19118 63rd Ave NE- near the Airport). Please go to the back of the building and look for the bin marked “Masks for Arlington”. Please try to drop off during the hours when they are NOT actively distributing food (Mon & Fri, 11:30am-1pm, Weds, 5:30pm-7pm).  Wash the bags after they are complete.  Wash your hands thoroughly before taking them out of the dryer.  Please place the washed masks in a ziploc bag and write the number on the bag.  If they are for a specific group, please include that information as well.

TO REQUEST MASK COVERS:   Local businesses, volunteer organizations and at-risk individuals are qualified to receive masks. We recommend at least two per person.  Please fill out the mask request form here.

DONATIONS:   We are happy to take donations of sewing tools and materials.  Gift cards to Michaels or JoAnn will be gratefully accepted and passed on to our volunteers to purchase supplies.  Please send us a message via our Facebook page.  Donations can also be left in the dropoff bin at Station 47.

BUYING MATERIALS:   JoAnn and Michaels are both offering online ordering and curbsite pickup.  PLEASE use this option.  We request that everyone use safe social distancing practices.  Coupons are typically available for both stores, so check before you buy!

MASK TUTORIALS:   Below are the approved mask tutorials.  The materials you will need will vary according to which you choose. The first tutorial does not use elastic. You can also leave out the nose wire.





The Downtown Arlington Business Association has no affiliation with Masks for Arlington.

We are helping our community by hosting this information.  Thank you!